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The importance of taking a break with Andy “Reidy” Reid

Author: The Simple Bit

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Bondi Lifeguard Andy “Reidy” Reid is busier than most of us would ever dream. But he still managed to take time out for #NotTober.

The Simple Bits

  • Andy “Reidy” Reid is one of the stars of Bondi Rescue
  • He recently took time out for #NotTober
  • He’s an early bird
  • He has a unique way of relaxing of an evening

Andy Reid is a busy man. On top of being a Bondi Lifeguard, he’s one of the stars of The Network 10 reality show Bondi Rescue, an event emcee, an Ironman, a marathon runner, a photographer, a radio producer and commentator, and an ambassador for a number of charities. But even for someone as busy as Reidy – or maybe especially for someone as busy as Reidy – taking time out is important for his mental wellbeing. “After a nine hour day at Bondi, my mental state is completely spent and so it’s so important for me to take a little bit of time away.” 

So how do Reidy and his partner relax? Backgammon. Yep, Backgammon.

Winning the relaxation game

“It’s actually quite competitive, but it’s just another good way to switch your mind off,” Reidy says. “I don’t think we realise how much we use our brain while we watch TV. We’re looking at different colors and there’s a lot of things going on and we are thinking of all manner or stuff, whereas Backgammon you’re actually just thinking about your next move and it’s nice to switch off and enjoy some time together without a screen.”

And switching off isn’t just a trivial matter for Reidy. As a Bondi Lifeguard, it’s crucial that he keeps focused. “If you’re not focused in our job and you miss something, sadly it is literally a matter of life or death. And we don’t want to lose anyone.” And they very rarely do. The stat that Reidy proudly shares is that there are more than 2.5 million visitors to Bondi Beach each year, and there’s only one drowning every four years. “That works out at about one in ten million people that enter the water that we… sadly we lose through drowning,” says Reidy. “That’s a pretty good stat.”

Reidy’s secret relaxation weapon.

Getting the worm

If you’re wondering when Reidy fits in time for himself, he’s an early bird –  normally up at about 5am to run with mates. And he was a morning person before he even became Reidy the Bondi Lifeguard. In fact, before he was ‘on the guard’ he was a garbo. “It’s probably not really a sought after job, but I worked with two other really cool dudes and we worked really hard. We were always the fastest truck with the biggest run. And it was just the best thing.” So he’s kept his morning habit, only he prefers to run trails than behind a garbage truck these days. “I just love that everyone else is still asleep. And that’s the time when literally the early bird gets the worm,” laughs Reidy.

Hunting time to himself

“A lot of my events business stuff, I’m always working on a laptop and at the radio station I’m looking at about 5 different screens,” says Reidy. “So I like to get away and get back to nature and I think the best way to do that is to get trail running.” Trail running lets Reidy kill two birds with one stone. “It allows me to keep fit for my job as a life guard, and also keeps me fit for doing things like running marathons.”

It also lets Reidy get back to nature – something he thinks is elemental to all of us. “One of my biggest things is the fact that we don’t hunt like we traditionally used to hunt.” Now that we get our food from Woolies rather than from a Woolly Mammoth, Reidy reckons we’re not utilising skills we once did. “I guess for me that’s where I subsidise that with a good 10k run on the trail. I feel like I really get back to my roots of being a human.”

Not much, really

So what’s next for Reidy after NotTober? Just a casual 160 km bike ride around Lake Taupo, a coast to coast race with a fellow lifeguard which is being filmed for a National Geographic doco, and continuing to work for charities like Dementia Australia. So not much, really. 

We’re glad he took some time out for us, to help ahm raise money for The Banksia Project.


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