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The best free stuff on the internet

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The best things on the internet are free. And a whole lot more content, classes and resources have been made free recently. Here’s a list.

  • The best things in life, and on the internet, are free
  • A lot of resources, content and classes have been freed up
  • Here are some ideas to fill your days

Filling these iso days without the internet is a scary thought. But even though we’re not spending half of our salaries on takeaway coffee, all of these streaming services and sourdough classes can be a little exy. (And also…how long are days these days?) The good news is that a bunch of resources, classes and content has been made free over the last month, so you can fill at least some of your days with something for nothing. Here are some ideas:


Join the (virtual) crowd at Isol-Aid Festival

Isolaid is an Instagram live music festival, in aid of music charity Support Act. Artists stream from their bedrooms or home studios into their phones, and the crowds show their appreciation with hearts and thumbs ups. And we’re not talking little artists either – the last few weekends have seen Courtney Barnett, Julia Jacklin, Tim Rogers and Camp Cope. Keep an eye on the website for future lineups.

Click here to check the lineup.

Take a free Ivy League College course

A lot of time on your hands? Always wanted to go to an Ivy League University? Well now you (virtually) can! Universities like Harvard and Yale have opened up a heap of courses so you can finally study European Antiquities or The Science of Wellbeing – Yale’s most popular course ever.

Click here to get smarter.

Warning: The animals may watch you back. Pic by Tarryn Myburgh

Chill with some tigers or whatnot

Although Taronga Zoo’s gates are closed, their livestreams are on. So you can check in on how the elephants, meerkats or seals are handling iso.  Or live your Joe Exotic fantasies by streaming the tiger enclosure (and giving yourself that mullet you’ve always wanted). Pro tip: leave the seal stream open in the corner of your browser to keep your heart rate low.

Click here to get exotic.

Learn how to art from Ken Done

Ken Done is a natural treasure whose bright pops of colour and loose, childlike depictions of Aussie landmarks made him a household name in the 1980s. Now you can learn from the master with free educational resources. They’re meant for kids, but who’s counting?

Click here to get arty.

Don the lycra for an 80s aerobics class

If you’re finding it hard to find the time, space or motivation for a workout, Retrosweat may be for you. They usually run group classes in Sydney, where they’re big on lycra, hairspray and 80s bangers. But they’ve taken their workouts to Instagram Live, where they run ‘Home Video’ sessions every Saturday at 11am. 

Click here to feel the burn.

Take PE Classes with Joe

was about to go out on a tour of UK schools to teach PE (and have glorious hair) before COVID-19 shut everything down. So instead of hanging up his sweatbands, he’s taken to his lounge room, where he leads PE classes for kids (but they strain glutes of all ages!). And his classes have gone OFF. He’s kind of become the world’s unofficial PE teacher.

Click here to join a class.

Chill out with Headspace

Mindfulness and meditation app Headspace is subscription-based, but they’ve opened up a heap of their guided meditations and articles for free to help people cope with this crazy time. They’ve also created a bunch of resources for healthcare workers.

Click here to start chilling.


Listen to a classic

Audible has made hundreds of kid’s audiobooks free to keep kids’ brains stimulated while schools are closed. And, like anything else, classics are classics. Just leave Stephen Fry reading the entire Harry Potter series in the background and make your lounge room feel like Hogwarts.

Click here to start listening.

Pic by Michele Bergami

Go to Disneyland

Well, not quite. But Disney has mapped a heap of their parks in 3D, so you can feel like you’re there if the walls are closing in on you.

Click here to start exploring.

A bit of simple can go a long way right now. Click here for details about how ahm can help you. Let’s try make these difficult times a little simpler together.