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The Banksia Project founder Bryan Coleman on how to #NotTober

Author: The Simple Bit

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As we get into the end of NotTober, The Banksia Project’s founder Bryan Coleman has some tips for finding your inner chill.

The Simple Bits:

  • #NotTober is supporting The Banksia Project 
  • Bryan Coleman is the founder
  • Bryan reckons taking time out can help us prepare for tough times
  • Taking time out can be as simple as taking a walk at lunch
  • Bryan likes to keep active to chill out

If you hadn’t noticed, this month is #NotTober, where doing not much at all lets you raise money for The Banksia Project, a not-for-profit targeted at men over 18, who need a safe space to talk about life’s challenges and learn ways to cope with them. And part of that coping can include  taking some time out. Which brings us back to #NotTober.


So we caught up with The Banksia Project’s founder, Bryan Coleman to get some pointers about how to take some time for yourself this month, and how it can do us all some good.

The Banksia Project facilitators in action.

TSB: As the founder of the Banksia Project, you’re constantly interacting with men who need a bit of help. How important is taking time out and self-care as a preventative measure?

BC: Having been through my own challenges with mental health, I understand how important it is to find balance to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. On average, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives (BeyondBlue), so it’s vital to be in touch with how you are feeling and responding to situations. We never know when small triggers can lead to bigger challenges down the track, so The Banksia Project’s goal is to arm men with the necessary resources and daily tips so they can be better prepared when life hits.

TSB: Taking time out is often easier said than done. What advice would you give people who have trouble taking time out and switching off?

BC: Taking time out of your busy day can be as simple as going for a walk during your lunch break, doing some physical exercise or grabbing a coffee with a friend, it doesn’t have to be forced and it should be something to look forward to. Find activities that you enjoy and integrate them into your daily routine. Basic life tips like eating well, getting a good night’s sleep and switching off from social media are all effective ways to manage balance in life – you just need to find out what works for you and make it happen.

TSB: What’s your preferred method of having time for yourself? Do you find it difficult? How do you get around that?

Personally, I love being active. Daily exercise and easing my way into the day without too many distractions first thing are great ways to start my day right. Finding that routine in the first place is often the hardest step, but once you get into it and realise the benefits it adds to your daily life, it becomes a habit you look forward to. Socially, spending time with family and friends is a priority and I always make sure I connect with them in some way every day – it’s so important to have that strong network around you.

Be like Bryan and take some time out…for charity. For the month of October, ahm are supporting #NotTober. Post a pic to Insta, Twitter or Facey of you doing nothing, use the #NotTober hashtag and tag @ahmhealthinsurance. ahm will donate $10 for every eligible post to The Banksia Project for the first 10,000 #NotTober posts.