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We all love a good date night at the movies. But it’s hard to pick a movie when most reviews are long, confusing, full of spoilers and contain unnecessarily multisyllabic words. We’ve got your back with these two sentence reviews.

The simple bits:


  • Here are some simple reviews of current and upcoming movies
  • If our reviewers go over two sentences, we dock their popcorn allowance



Sonic The Hedgehog

Fast-paced (like super-fast) action that’s ideal for kids and the SEGA mega drive faithful alike.


Richard Jewell

Hero or villain? More modern American history from Clint Eastwood.


Spies In Disguise

Bird is the word as shape-shifting spy Will Smith is tasked with saving the world.



I mean…it’s Jane Austen. After 200 years it’s hard to get it wrong, and this doesn’t.


JoJo Rabbit

Like Wes Anderson with high stakes. Belly laughs, tears and Bowie.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Wrapping up the Skywalker universe in a neat bow. Until the next three.  


The Gentlemen

If you like swearing, you’ll like this movie. 


The Addams Family

Great cast, great soundtrack, Snoop Dogg. Plus a moral for the kids.


Nicole, Margot and Charlize taking on the Fox News power structure and setting the #metoo template. It feels like you’re there, under the gross gaze of Roger Ailes. 


Birds Of Prey

Particularly the Joker’s disgruntled ex-gf. Margot Robbie kicking ass and taking names.


Little Women

This is how you make a classic feel fresh. Deserved a best actor Oscar nomination. 



Almost made up of a single shot, this gripping vision of WWI is in the vein of Saving Private Ryan or Dunkirk.

Jumanji: The Next Level

How can we put this more plainly? WE WILL WATCH THE ROCK IN ANYTHING. 

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