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Simple movie reviews

Author: The Simple Bit

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We all love a good date night at the movies. But it’s hard to pick a movie when most reviews are long, confusing, full of spoilers and contain unnecessarily multisyllabic words. We’ve got your back with these two sentence reviews.

The simple bits:


  • Here are some simple reviews of current and upcoming movies
  • If our reviewers go over two sentences, we dock their popcorn allowance



JoJo Rabbit

Like Wes Anderson with high stakes. Belly laughs, tears and Bowie.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Wrapping up the Skywalker universe in a neat bow. Until the next three.  


The Gentlemen

If you like swearing, you’ll like this movie. 


The Addams Family

Great cast, great soundtrack, Snoop Dogg. Plus a moral for the kids.


Nicole, Margot and Charlize taking on the Fox News power structure and setting the #metoo template. It feels like you’re there, under the gross gaze of Roger Ailes. 


Birds Of Prey

Particularly the Joker’s disgruntled ex-gf. Margot Robbie kicking ass and taking names.


Little Women

This is how you make a classic feel fresh. Deserved a best actor Oscar nomination. 



Almost made up of a single shot, this gripping vision of WWI is in the vein of Saving Private Ryan or Dunkirk.

Jumanji: The Next Level

How can we put this more plainly? WE WILL WATCH THE ROCK IN ANYTHING. 

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