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Podcasts for your next road trip

Author: The Simple Bit

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Soundtrack your next road trip with this list of our fave podcasts designed to chill you out. That means no true crime.

  • There are over 850,000 podcasts so it can be hard to know where to start
  • Avoid the duds and queue these up ahead of your next road trip
  • And no, there’s no true crime. We’re here to chill you out not freak you out


We’ve waded through the chatty waters to pull together this list of top-notch pods to keep you company or act as conversation-starters on your next road trip. Luckily, there are over 850,000 podcasts out there, and over 30 million episodes. So there is plenty of content for your earholes. Are all of them good? Oh heck no. And of the good ones, there are plenty that just aren’t right for these stressy, stressy times. So we’ve narrowed that 850k down to a handful of podcasts that might chill you out, lift your mood or give you a chuckle. Because I don’t know about you, but we can’t handle true crime and darkness on a road trip.


The Freshies

New podcasts that are tickling our earbuds.


NASA’s Curious Universe

This podcast is only a few episodes old, but is a relaxing, transportative series put together by NASA’s astronauts, scientists and engineers. Episode one is kinda cheating because it’s about Earth, but episode two is about the Hubble telescope, and takes us into space.


Fake Doctors, Real Friends (The Scrubs Podcast)

Yes, nostalgia is a thing, and if you’ve ever found yourself thinking longingly of the simpler times that were the early 00s, then this podcast, featuring Scrubs stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison is the perfect companion. The two ACTUAL friends break down each episode of the cult series, and pull in other stars from the show for a chat. Nostalgia, mates, comedy…like a warm bath for the ears.


The Locals

Aussie podcasts worth your time.


It Burns

Want to know about the 10 year journey to create (and get credit for creating) the hottest chili ever bred? Of course you do. And to quote the creators, the show is about more than chili, it’s “about how people use pain to shape themselves, define themselves and make themselves feel alive.”



A great Triple J podcast that sees local and international songwriters opening the door on their creative process. Whether it’s Baker Boy, Amy Shark, Missy Higgins or James Blake, each of the artists reveal stuff about their best-known songs that make you enjoy them even more. If that’s possible.


The Classics

The old dependables that have about a million episodes to mine through.



With incredible sound design that puts you in the story, Radiolab is broadly a science podcast, but it goes much, much deeper. Take the episode about colours that attempts to answer why the sky is actually blue. Or the one about parasites. You’ll be looking for zombie moths everywhere, and you might just understand the universe a little better.


Slow Radio

This BBC podcast has been going for a few years now, and unsurprisingly it’s really come into its own recently. Want 14 minutes of monks talking quietly about their vow of silence? How about a collage of forest sounds and the endangered Swedish forest language Elfdalian? It’s exactly what it says on the box – slow, ruminative and relaxing sounds for these looooong days.


Stuff You Should Know

This podcast has been going for over a decade, and is basically just two interested dudes talking about interesting stuff. Josh and Chuck are slightly rambly, unpretentious American dudes, who take you at length through everything you could imagine having questions about. The D.B. Cooper heist, Typhoid Mary, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World….whatever you’re wondering, they’ve probably done an episode about it.