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Kick-Ass Women in Movies 2020

Author: The Simple Bit

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We’re for 2020 being the year of women doing what they want when they want. And if that means kicking ass onscreen, offscreen, literally, figuratively then so be it. Here are the films to look for.

The simple bits:


  • There were no women directors nominated for Oscars (again)
  • But there are plenty of kick-ass women to look out for on the big screen
  • Look out for some new female directors, too
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To the surprise of literally no one and disappointment of nearly everyone, women (among many other minority groups) were overlooked at the Oscars this year. And while it doesn’t really counteract the shitty-ness of the Oscar results, 2020 is seeing more than its fair share of kick-ass women in film making. Here’s a few to watch out for.


Birds of Prey (Feb 6)

First up, we see Margot Robbie reprising her take on Harley Quinn (without having be creeped out by Jared Leto’s Joker) in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Yes, it’s a mouthful, but advance previews have been kind. And if Robbie’s Oscar-nominated turn in another kick-ass movie, Bombshell, is anything to go by, she’s more than hitting her straps as a lead.


Black Widow (April 30)

Next to get her big moment is Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Johansson first played Black Widow in Iron Man 2 a decade ago and has reprised the role in a bunch of the Marvel movies, but this is her first chance to headline one. And yes, she’s getting the requisite Lego set to go with the top billing. In more good news, Black Widow is directed by Australian Cate Shortland, who until now has directed indie fare like Somersault, starring Abbie Cornish and Sam Worthington. Nothing indie about this one. 


Wonder Woman 1984 (June 30)

To the DC comic world, this year see Gal Gadot return as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman ‘84. From the dour WW1 setting of the first film, this film takes us to the day-glo 80s complete with big hair, pop songs by New Order (according to the trailer) and seemingly the same mall that Stranger Things 2 was set in. Kick ass. 


I Am Woman (Sep 5)

And if all of these kick-ass women seem a little literally kick-ass, there is also I Am Woman, the story of Aussie singer and feminist icon Helen Reddy. Her ass kicking was more figurative.


Emma (Feb 13)

I know what you’re thinking, “another adaptation of the proto-feminist Jane Austen novel? But Gwyneth nailed it!” That may be, but we’re expecting a little edge to this version, directed by former rock photographer and music video director Autumn De Wilde


Sure, there’s a long way to go to recognise women behind the scenes, but plenty of opportunities to celebrate them on the screen. Date night, anyone? 

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