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Is this the world’s most relaxing film?

Author: The Simple Bit

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In January, we launched the Clear Mind Experiment, an immersive audio-visual experience designed to help people take a moment out of their lives. One film in the experiment was a clear winner. Roll the tape.

  • The Clear Mind Experiment is an immersive experience
  • It’s designed to help people achieve a sense of ‘calm focus’
  • There were dozens of options to choose from
  • There was one clear favourite
  • Just watch the dang film

On average we consume 34 gigabytes of information a day. That’s the equivalent of 100,500 words or 12 hours of content. And it’s rising. And at the same time, we’re stressed. Coping with stress is the top issue of personal concern for young adult Australians. And that   came before the coronavirus added more stress to our lives and glued us to our devices even more.

Which might make it a good time to revisit the  . A result of research done in collaboration with psychology community The Mind Room, the experiment is an immersive audio-visual experience designed to help people take a moment out of their lives and to (hopefully) achieve a state of calm focus. Launched in January of this year, over 142,000 people took part. But arguably, now is an even better time to achieve a sense of calm focus in between Zoom meetings. And perhaps to find a connection to nature, even in digital form. After all, 34% of Australians say they want to spend more time in nature when lockdown ends.*


Options options options

The experiment was all about options. Beginning with an extensive review of the thousands of studies into exactly what can clear our minds, The Mind Room used this research to recommend some key factors that, when turned into a piece of film, could help relax our minds. Things like natural surroundings, music, cute animals.  And one of the key elements was choice. So when creating the experiment, we created 20 different films, offering viewers options in subject, setting and sound.

You see, it turns out that the elements that relax can be super subjective. As the Mind Room’s report states:

“Some people perceive beaches as therapeutic spaces, while others perceive them as risky (Collins & Kearns, 2007). Similarly, Milligan and Bingley (2007) found that woodland encounters were experienced as therapeutic by some individuals and ‘anxiety-inducing’ by others.”

So given there were 20 films to choose from, which one was the most popular?


The results are in

Over the course of the experiment so far, we had over 142,000 people take part, and between them they watched 18 days of videos.

So we can reveal that the winning combination, with over 3000 views was…a baby goat in a forest, with the ambient sound of the forest in the background! It was a clear winner, with number two (ANOTHER goat video) getting over 2,500 views.  

The forest and the nature sounds shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. As the research told us, nature has the ability to make us feel calmer. According to Dr. Justin Lawson, a lecturer in health, nature, and sustainability: “Physiologically, exposure to natural environments can help reduce our heart rate, our blood pressure, salivary and blood cortisol levels, which are indicators of stress.” 

But…what the heck is it about goats? “Baby goats, maybe it’s the startling thing to see. That could elicit a positive reaction,” posits Dr Justin Lawson.

But enough science…just watch the goat.

We hope it gave you a little bit of calm focus. And if it didn’t, and find a combination that works for you.


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*Australia Now trend report, April 23, 2020.