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How To Sleep Better (In 4 GIFs)

Author: The Simple Bit

Category: Short Cuts

We all know we need more sleep, especially at the moment. So how do we do it? Roll the GIFS!

The Simple Bits:

  • Relax before bed – don’t rush it
  • Schedule it in. Consistency is key
  • Make yourself a sleepy environment
  • Monitor your sleep


Sleep is super important, particularly in stressful times (like now). But of course it’s harder to do when you’re stressed. 

While the odd sleepless night is nothing to worry about, if you get insufficient or poor quality sleep on the regular, it can take its toll on your health  — both mentally and physically. We’re talking increased anxiety, weight gain and even increased chances of contracting chronic conditions.

So HOW do we get better sleep?

Roll GIFS.

1. Relax

Take some time and chiiiiilll before bed. It might take some time, so don’t push it and don’t stress. Do a little self care, use a meditation app like Calm or Headspace, read under a soft lamp or do some gentle stretches.

2. Schedule it in

A consistent time of waking is useful, so make a plan to head to bed at a certain time. Even an hour window is helpful.


3. Create an optimal sleep environment

Dark is good because external light can interrupt our sleep in the morning. Avoid blue light devices in bed including laptops and smartphones as they can get your brain going. Keep your room cool so you don’t overheat.

4. Monitor it

There a heap of apps and trackers to help you, but even just writing down basic things like what time you’re going to bed, what time you’re waking and what you’re eating before bed will help spot patterns.

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