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How to make your pet insta-famous

Author: The Simple Bit

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Added an iso-pet to your household? It’s about time they learned some responsibility and chipped in for their hefty matching outfits bill. Here’s how.

The simple bits:

  • A lot of people got iso-pets during lockdown
  • It’s time for them to start earning their keep
  • We look at lessons from some of the internet’s most famous floofs

Bork bork. Is that the sound of a COVID-19 pet that’s just joined the family? Well, if you took the plunge, who could blame you? A time-wasting, unconditionally-loving ball of floof is a real help in these crazy times. Which is probably why adoption rates at the RSPCA in NSW went up by 40%.

But now, it’s about time they learned some responsibility and chipped in for their hefty food/vet/matching outfits bill. Plus, you need somewhere to post the 20 million photos you’ve got on your camera roll.

Here are some hot tips to read out loud to your fluffer fren and get them ready for insta-fame of humongous proportions.


Never let your past dictate your future.

There are some great come-back stories in life. Avril Lavigne’s sk8r boy being one. Tuna Melts My Heart being another.

Tuna was abandoned by the side of a road in San Diego but adopted by his mum, now momager, at four months old. As a Chiweenie (or Chihuahua and Dachshund cross) his owners might’ve wanted a designer dog, and chose to ditch poor Tuna because of his large overbite.

But it’s precisely this signature toothy grin and propensity to snuffle and snore that’s earned ‘The Underdog with the Overbite’ a book deal and millions of followers.

Just like that record label who rejected the Beatles, we reckon his uncaring first owners might be haunted by some serious regrets.



Focus on personal growth.

Especially if everyone thought you were a ‘micro pig’. When Esther the Wonderpig’s parents adopted her, they thought she’d grow to the size of a dog. Little did they know, they’d accidentally brought home a full-size commercial pig. All 650 pounds of her.

With those acute growing pains, it’s no wonder Esther needs so many naps, cupcakes and massages.


Sleep on the job. Often.

You snooze you lose? Nuh-uh.

Harlow and Sage confirmed something we always hoped was true. To live the dream, you just have to dream your way through life.

This cuddle puddle of canines makes the perfect set of spoons. Bunnings better watch out. There’s a new sausage sandwich in town.



Show your vulnerable side.

It’s not easy to take your guard down. But Lionel the Hedgehog will show you how it’s done. Sometimes you just gotta go belly up, feet in the air like you just don’t care. And if you’re still not quite feeling it, don a tiny, novelty hat and try again.

It took a while for Lionel to open up to his owners, but now he’s all about the belly rubs. He sleeps about 22 hours a day, so insta-shoots have to fit around that demanding schedule. But even then, he’s got a great way of showing if he’s not in the mood. Roll up into a spikey ball. It’s a definite vibe.


Keep fighting the good fight.

Don’t let conventional beauty standards stand in your way. Be like Smush.

Smush was found as an abandoned kitten and taken home by a student vet. With a cleft lip and chromosomal abnormality, it’s thought she might’ve been the runt of the litter the mum couldn’t care for.

But Smush kept on fighting and she’s been a feisty madam ever since. This purr-machine might look cute, but her wild side proves survival in this crazy life is ultimately all about the (c)attitude.

Ring light, portrait mode, action. Now your pet is all prepped, time to bare those teeth and call the paparazzo.



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