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Enough Loaf: What else can you do with all that sourdough starter?

Author: The Simple Bit

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Got a sourdough starter but sick of sourdough? Don’t throw it away! There are heaps of other things you can do with it.

  • Iso has prompted a baking boom
  • Sourdough is the bread of choice
  • If you’re over bread, don’t throw out your starter
  • Here are some other ways to put your sourdough discard to good use

Even if you haven’t put dough to bench yet, you probably still feel like you’ve baked 23 loaves thanks to the steady stream of people on social media fervently sharing their every sourdough fold, rise and slice.

Whether you’ve nailed sourdough or have given up due to producing nothing but flat bricks too dense to chew through without injuring your jaw, whatever you do – don’t throw away your starter! That starter is actually alive, and it’s literally your pet now AND HOW COULD YOU POUR YOUR PET DOWN THE SINK!? Don’t be so heartless. Keep feeding that bad boy and take a look at some other ways to put your sourdough starter to good use.


Pic by Kim Streicher

Pancakes and crumpets

Pancakes were once the realm of weekend treats, but now that you’re unsure whether it’s Wednesday or Saturday, you can essentially have fluffy sourdough pancakes every day. You just need to remember to leave the sourdough starter combined with the milk and flour on the bench overnight to rise, before adding the rest of the ingredients the next morning. The same general technique goes for sourdough crumpets too (and if you don’t have crumpet rings – who would? – never fear, you can use metal or silicone egg rings instead).




Nothing goes hand-in-hand with lockdown better than fistfuls of crackers. If you’ve got to stress-eat something while you’re on mute in your fifth Zoomie for the day, it may as well be salty sourdough crackers you’ve made yourself. Just add some more flour, olive oil and salt and you’ve got yourself a winning iso-snack.

Pic by Theme Photos

Pizza and all the fried things

Sometimes there’s not much else getting us through a day of working from home than the thought of what we’re going to make for dinner. How about sourdough pizza? Use your lunch time to make and knead the dough, and in four hours it’ll be ready to go. You can also use your starter as a batter for fried foods by mixing it with a little baking soda. Lock in lock-down fish and chips right now.


Cookies and brownies

You probably never thought your baked sweet treats needed a tangy sourdough flavour, but it actually works. Try these chocolate chunk sourdough cookies or sourdough brownies and watch the whole batch be demolished within 24 hours.



Who are we kidding, any time is the right time for a face or body mask. Apparently, some of the good bacteria found in sourdough is also the same kind of good bacteria used in some skincare products. You could try mixing your starter with some natural yoghurt and honey for an experimental (and delicious) face or body mask.


Give it away

If you don’t have the time or energy to make something with your starter, you can always give it to a friend or neighbour so they can jump on the bread-wagon. Keep your fingers crossed they drop a freshly baked loaf or some brownies on your doorstep to say thanks.


A bit of simple can go a long way right now. Click here for details about how ahm can help you. Let’s try make these difficult times a little simpler together.